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Construction Coordinator Celebrates Fifteen Years

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Justin Roquemore began his career in the water and wastewater industry in 2008 working as a District Operator. He is certified by the Colorado Water and Wastewater Operations Certification Board as a Level III Water Distribution System Operator and as a Level IV Wastewater Collection System Operator.

In 2020, Justin was promoted to Construction Coordinator. His current job duties include processing water and sewer plans for new development projects, ensuring conformance of district engineering standards and specifications, and inspecting construction projects. He also collects GPS construction data for as-built creation and GIS placement.

Justin plays a significant role in planning and coordinating District capital projects from initial design to construction inspection.

"Each project presents its own unique set of challenges and features to overcome and with those challenges we are continually learning and adapting. Although stressful at times, it can also be fun. However, the most rewarding part of any project is seeing our district capital improvement projects come to fruition and knowing the end results have a positive impact on our customers and the reliability of service,” said Justin.

When asked how he balances his career and family, Justin replied, "Balancing between work and family can be challenging especially for district operators who are always “connected”. Flexibility is a must when responding to after-hours emergency calls. Personal life and work often merge and it’s usually at dinnertime or 1:00 am. I have occasionally responded to calls with my daughter in tow because the call required immediate action. However, the district recognizes the value of on-call responsibilities and acknowledges the effort and availability required."

Justin has advanced his career tremendously in the last fifteen years. He stated, "Working for the district has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. The knowledge I have gained during my time here has been invaluable. My direct supervisor, Tony Cocozzella and District Manager, Cynthia Lane have had a direct and significant impact to my professional development. Their insights, guidance, support, and willingness to share knowledge have been crucial to enhancing my skills to navigate various challenges effectively. Thank you, Tony and Cynthia!"

Congratulations on fifteen years, Justin!